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The Amazing Rhythm of Catholic Life!

Many Catholics today believe we no longer do actions of self-denial on Fridays throughout the year. The reality is that this continues to be strongly encouraged as a regular practice for Catholics, while it is no longer “binding under the pain of sin.” From the USCCB: “Friday itself remains a special day of penitential observance […]

Free To Be You!

This is kinda personal, and you might think I am a little crazy, but I pray all day. And, God has a way, at times, of being hysterically funny. Like this morning (and here could be the crazy part) … I got a cramp in my leg, and I bounded out of bed saying (in […]


This is a letter I just sent to a priest friend. I wrote it because I don’t believe we priests should be frightened anymore. I agree with a recent post that said, while we take our time, souls are being lost. We all know, in our bones, that God wants this … let’s simply obey […]

More Kwik Trip Evangelization

A few days ago, I wrote about encouraging the pest control guy, and then later the checkout guy at Kwik Trip, to check out Mass on Sunday morning (read here).  Well, a little over a week later, I’m walking into a different Kwik Trip, and a man rushes up to me to ask if I […]

Go Weapons H.O.T.

“Go Weapons Hot” is a military command that means to make whatever preparations are necessary so that when you pull the trigger, something happens. In spiritual terms, are we using live ammunition or are we firing blanks? In other words, are we making the preparations necessary to ensure that our efforts to combat evil and […]


INTERESTING INSIGHT – I find it interesting that there are three topics that seem so off limits – “taboo” – that one receives such a visceral response from their defenders that one risks having one’s reputation destroyed by those who will resort to utter cruelty to, seemingly, punish those who attempt to throw light on […]