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The Warrior Ethos: I will never leave a fallen comrade.

The Warrior Ethos of the United States Army is ours as well.  We are surrounded by a great company our Church refers to as the “Communion of Saints.”  The Communion of Saints is thus said to comprise the Church Militant (those alive on earth), the Church Penitent (those undergoing purification in Purgatory in preparation for heaven), and the Church Triumphant (those already in heaven).

This Communion of Saints of which we belong endeavors never to leave someone who has fallen into sin and suffering. “Following in the footsteps of Christ, the Christian faithful have always endeavored to help one another on the path leading to the heavenly Father through prayer, the exchange of spiritual goods and penitential expiation. The more they have been immersed in the fervor of charity, the more they have imitated Christ in his sufferings, carrying their crosses in expiation for their own sins and those of others, certain that they could help their brothers to obtain salvation from God the Father of mercies. This is the very ancient dogma of the Communion of the Saints, whereby the life of each individual son of God in Christ and through Christ is joined by a wonderful link to the life of all his other Christian brothers in the supernatural unity of the Mystical Body of Christ till, as it were, a single mystical person is formed” (Enchiridion, p. 127-128).

One of the charisms of the Knights of Divine Mercy is to offer prayer and sacrifices for those in need.  We join with the Communion of Saints in this sacrificial offering for your prayer requests.  Our Knights will check the requests below on a regular basis, and offer prayers and sacrifices for your intentions.

Please use the comments section below to make your specific prayer request.

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  1. For the repose of the soul of Bishop George Wirz.

  2. For the speedy recovery of my sister, Judy, who was in a car accident.

  3. lucie says:

    for healing of family member that are urgently ill; for mum and brother dying; for C to reconnect with me; for blessings and new beginnings and for mary’s needs.

  4. Lauren says:

    Please pray for the restoration of my teaching job. Please pray for all involved to be filled with the Holy Spirit and compassion for my plight. I was called to be a teacher by God. Please pray that I can return to my job/vocation. I offer up all of my recent sufferings for the special intentions in my heart and for the Holy Souls. I also thank God for all the blessings in my life. I ask all of this through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and through the intercession of his Immaculate Mother.

  5. LoveGodandAsHeLoved says:

    For John Hirschboeck, a strong Catholic in Boston, who has pancreatic cancer.

  6. May God heal Neal Rylatt

  7. Rhonda says:

    Please pray for my mother. She had troubles breathing at the beginning of Dec. & went into the hospital. They did an echo-cardiogram & suspect a blockage in her heart. However they can’t operate on her because of her weight. She’s currently in a rehab nursing home for physical therapy. She had broken her ankle a few years ago. I think arthritis in her ankle & other joints still affects her mobility. She has troubles with depression, which are worse due to being in the nursing home. A social worker, my aunt & I have generally talked about getting her into an assisted living apartment nearby so it isn’t such an inconvenience for me to see her. Please pray for her recovery & these issues.

  8. jim says:

    Pray for a continuation of the men’s group in our parish.
    the grace to overcome the passions of the flesh.

  9. Lois Edwards says:

    Please pray for my daughter who has lupus and other medical
    problems. She has no insurance and no money. She can’t get the
    right tests and treatment. Pray for healing. My son is not living a
    Cristian life and I am worried about his soul. He hates his own
    brother. My brother James is in a cult church and he is brainwashed
    in a way. Please pray for all of the above. I am so grateful to you
    and to God. I don’t have any money as I have to help my daughter
    with medicine but if I did I would send you some. Maybe

  10. PD says:

    For the repose of the soul of Fr. John Harvey who passed
    away on Dec. 27, the feast of St. John the Apostle, at the age of
    92. “Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant.” I’m sure he heard
    those words. Thanking God for his wonderful ministry.

  11. Godwin Joel says:

    Praise the Lord…I’m Godwin Joel, 32 years of age,from
    Mangalore- India suffering from Muscular Distrophy desease since
    17-18 yrs…I cannot walk properly,I fall frequently & my
    problem day by day increasing..Last 12months I spent arround 1 lakh
    Rupees for my desease.,But no use.Doctors says that there is no
    cure for this desease..So please pray that i may get good health
    & also pray that all Muscular Distrophy patients may get
    good treatment for their desease.. Also pray that i may fill by the
    holy spirit & live for glory of the God.. Thanks 4 your
    prayer support., Godwin Joel Mangalore- India

    • Dear Godwin Joel, You are the same age as my children. Often my children complain about very small things. You have been carrying your cross for many years. Yes, may God our Father fill you with His Holy Spirit and Jesus our Savior be your constant companion.

  12. We pray for all the victims of the Tucson shooting. May God extend His mercy to the sick young man whose actions caused such devastation.

  13. Steve Guinnane says:

    I cannot make it to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. Would someone pray for my family and me. My cousin Leslie is caught up in substance abuse and my Grandma’s grand-niece is undergoing a surgery in England (neural surgery.) Most of all, I pray for the gift and grace of confession and the will to repent and sin no more. Will someon pray on my behalf before Our Lady at the Shrine of Good Help? Also, pray for the success of the Walk in 2011 in San Francisco.

  14. Joanne Dunn says:

    Please pray for my son, Anthony to become radical for his faith and especially for Jesus.

    For Anna to be set free and delivered and for great graces for her spiritual eyes to open and for repentance.

    For Camille deliverance
    Gina radical conversion
    Derek healing and conversion
    Annie and Nicole deliverance, radical conversion and healing
    Leon healing
    Gay commitment to Christ. I will pray for your ministry. God bless you, Joanne

  15. jim durant says:

    I ask and beg for this one miracle, In the name of Jesus Christ my savior, through the sacred heart of Jesus, Lord ,let my blood test not test positive. I beg that this burden and issue is lifted from me and it is not mine. Place this issue in a better place. This burden is too much to handle and the loss and consequences are to grave. I beg for your mercy and salvation and this one miracle. Jesus I trust in you.

  16. t.d. says:

    We offer to the Father, all of Jesus Blood, Wounds, Passion, Merits, Works, Love, Mercy, Holy Face & all Holy Masses for our sins, the world & souls in purgatory every moment for all Eternity. To save as many souls as drops of blood Jesus shed during passion each moment & chastisement not severe until end of time. Void all sins & Ancestors sins of ours, the world, & our seeds. To bring healing to all of us- all areas. We consecrate all Diocese, parishes, families, individuals, countries, governments, leaders, all souls & every one to the Sacred Heart of Jesus & the Father, Immaculate Heart of Mary, & Blessed Trinity, & Precious Blood of Jesus each day for all eternity. Please have mercy on us-all areas, those we pray for, & assist us in all our needs – spiritual, physical, psychological, interpersonal, financial & interpersonal – every day until end of time. Please bring down miracles for us. In Jesus Name, Wounds, & Blood, Passion & Heart we pray. Amen
    Please accept this as a silent prayer for each second of our lives, each breathe & every beats of our hearts & we dedicate this as acts of Worship, Love, thanksgiving, honor, praise, glory, surrender, trust, obedience, hope, towards Our Lord Jesus Christ every moment until eternity. In Jesus Name. Amen
    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy in all areas of our lives. Amen
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. Always
    St. Joseph, Pray for us
    All ye holy angels and saints, Pray for us Always. Amen.

  17. Petronella says:

    I’ll walk in interview on 14th February 2011. This is my first time after a long wait since 6 years ago. I really wanted this job. However, it’s difficult to a person who age 26 like me and above to get the job especially in my country and now I’m nervous and afraid if I might be rejected or fail. I ask Holy Spirit of God to work on me and lead me from my first preparation until the day come and succeed. I promised to done my part as best as I can in my personal preparation and I left to God the rest. I put my trust and my hope only to God, Jesus Christ, the most powerful and our living God.

  18. LoveGodandAsHeLoved says:

    University of Wisconsin to direct Dr. Doug Laube to found and head the Coalition of Abortion-Free Madison, after apologizing for UW’s past promotion of abortion.

  19. Jane says:

    Please pray for my deep inner healing from very deeply rooted compunctions and obsessive negative thoughts about myself for my past sinful life and devils lies about God and myself. Since my conversion till now my soul has been suffering badly..I am really exhausted.Please pray let Lord heal and lighten every moment of my past life with His infinite love.GBY!+

  20. Christine Pisarek says:

    Please pray for Jack Massingale who is in a desperate financial situation. He has to pay a huge fine, but does not have the means. Until he pays the fine, he cannot return to the U.S. Please God have mercy on him and deliver him from this nightmare. The situation has been going on for 6 weeks. It is very difficult. Please God sustain Jack and bring him home.

  21. MARISSA says:

    prayer maria elena c. stern pancreas & liver cancer. Doctors gave up on her with edema & jaundice. Begging God’s mercy to give her more years to be with husband & kids. prayers for kids & husband (jewish) to believe that our Lord is the true son of God & our savior. To give her a chance to be a living testimony to our Lord’s healing power. Make her realized thru intercession of the Blessed Mother are granted by our Lord. Thanks be to God. Amen.

  22. janice says:

    Please pray for me for a desperately needed solution to my financial crisis-I need to pay off our debts. Please also pray for my husband to stop taking alcohol completely, to be more honest with me and to work put in more effort to earn money (I have been supporting him-I am not complaining- and we have run out of money and he still expects me to give him money while what he has;including part of what I give him, is used for alcohol). Please pray for his salvation.

  23. Please pray for a new chapter of RACHEL’S VINEYARD that just formed in Stevens point, Wisconsin

  24. elaine frankland says:

    Father I bring before Your throne of grace those in need of a share of your healing and peace,
    Jean: Celia: Christopher: Mark: Brenda: Eileen: Michael: David: Mary: Moira.
    Father help me to grow closer to You and to other people, to see through Jesus’s eyes.

  25. Jim Flanigan says:

    Are there any chapters in the Chicago area or southern suburbs. I would be intrested in gettin more information.

  26. robert ball says:

    Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    I am asking Our Merciful God to help my family with our financial situation. I was injured at my job, and because of complications from surgery with my eyes, was not able to return to work. I was let go, so in turn I filed a workman compensation case. This has been a very emotional time for our family. There is another hearing set for March 10, 2011, I am not sure if this will be the last one but I pray that the Judge will rule in our favor, we have many medical and other bills that need to be paid, this will help in many ways. Please Dear Lord have mercy on us and grant our request.
    The Lord is my shepherd
    I place all my trust in Jesus Christ

  27. Deacon Todd Martin says:

    I ask for your prayers as I undergo right knee replacement surgery on 15MAR11. May the Lord give me the strength and resolve to fully recover through physical therapy and His Grace.

  28. K Tiemann says:

    Please pray for the conversion of those in my family and those who will marry into my family, also for those in need of healing from addiction.
    In Jesus’ name

  29. Katarina says:

    Please, pray:
    That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
    That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives!
    Thank you for all your prayers
    Praying for you
    Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

  30. sony says:

    pls pray that god blesses my husband vinod with a financial blessing.pls pray that god blesses him with plenty of business work, travel, finances so that he becomes busy and comes out of his problems.thankyou.praise the lord.

  31. Prayers :
    My passport arrives in time for our trip to Rome for
    Divine Mercy Sunday and the Beatification of
    Pope John Paul 11 the Great . . . please pray!

    There will be nothing in the way stopping our Billborad
    from going up announcing Divine Mercy Sunday and the
    Beatification of Pope Jojn Paul the Great . . . . all reading
    these prayer requests please pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet
    and we will do likewise for all above requests.

  32. Do you want us to write it all over again ?

  33. Susan Sundlin says:

    Mary Parmeter needs prayers after emergency life threatening surgery, survived and needs prayers for her recovery. Thanks to Our Lord for her surviving the surgery.

  34. john mellen says:


  35. M B says:

    Please ask for desperately needed financial miracle and freedom for both PB and myself, that we may finally be free of poverty, sadness and dependence upon others, and be able to start a new life as well as share the Lord’s blessings with others in need. For granting PB faith & bringing him to the Lord. For the complete healing of PB’s ear and other illnesses, physical and emotional. For the ability to pay my daughter’s tuition in full – soon – which will enable her to continue school without worry in the manner she truly deserves. For complete freedom from my parents and all their manipulation, control and sins against me, my daughter, her respect for me and our relationship. For our protection from and victory over our all enemies, on earth and in spirit, in all ways, at all times, now & in the future. For blessings upon all those here and elsewhere who pray for others and so deserve the Lord’s care in every way.

    Bless you.

  36. DS says:

    For my 30 year old cousin Mark who was struck by a car while riding his bike Sunday. He is suffering very serious injuries.

  37. Greg Wagner says:

    For Rick Rettenmund, age 38, who collapsed while doing chores in the barn. Is now in a medically induced coma and has “some” brain damage – no final prognosis. Has 3 young children and twins on the way.

  38. Joanna Wong says:

    Please pray for me, to get out of my financial problem.
    I needed God’s miraculous help for my desperate and seemingly impossible cases.
    Thank you so very much.

  39. jm says:

    dear brothers and sisters,

    pls pray for miracles and favorable resolutions of our legal, financial and business concerns most esp for my mom’s (len) safety and protection. pls also pray for those involved with our legal and business concerns to soften their hearts toward us and be very nice and kind to us esp to my mom. pls also pray for those who are reviewing and investigating our business for favorable outcomes for us. pls also pray for the lifting of the suspension of payment of our business so we can pay our debts, give work to people and for us to be able to continue the service we give to others. pls also pray for more kindhearted people to help our family in our concerns esp for my mom. pls also pray for protection of our prof lics, for myself and for my mom. pls also pray for more financial blessings so we can share more to others and so we can build a school, a hospital and a temporary shelter for abused women and for young mothers and their babies. pls also pray for good health, safety and protection for our family. pls also pray for those we give service to for them to be nice and kind toward us. pls also pray for our colleagues for them to be nice and kind toward us. pls also pray for my sister to be accepted in school, for my siblings to find good and stable jobs, for my schooling. pls also pray for the souls of our departed loved ones. pls also pray for the healing of our grandpa and the sick. thank you very much. God bless us all.

  40. jm says:

    dear brothers and sisters,
    we are in dire need of your prayers for the favorable resolutions of our legal, financial and business concerns most esp for my mom’s (len) safety and protection. pls also pray for those involved with our legal and business concerns to soften their hearts toward us and be kind to us esp to my mom. pls also pray for the lifting of the suspension of payments to our company so we can pay our debts and needs, give work to people and continue providing service to others. pls also pray for the people we give service to in order for them to be kind and nice to us esp to my mom. pls also pray for our colleagues to be nice and supportive to us. pls also pray for our lawyers to be guided by the Holy Spirit for them to defend us well and for them to be nice to us. pls also pray for more kindhearted people to help us with our concerns wholeheartedly. pls also pray for more financial blessings so we can share more to others and for us to be able to build a school, clinic and temporary housing for abused women and single and young mothers and their babies. pls also pray for my sister to be accepted in school. pls also pray for protection of our prof lics, for myself and for my mom. pls also pray for my siblings to find stable and good jobs. pls also pray for good health, success in all endeavors, safety and protection of our family. pls also pray for my friend’s job. pls also pray for the speedy recovery of japan, alabama, cessation of violence and hunger in the world. thank you very much for your prayers. i don’t know how to thank you personally but i am grateful for all your prayers. God bless us all.

  41. Alex says:

    Hello everyone,
    It has been three months after my wedding. My wife ‘D’,has been diagonised with failed ovaries and ovarian cancer. Doctors have advised us that having children is not possible.
    Also, my wife and her family did hide the fact that she had only periods twice the year before her wedding. I do no want to lose her but my parents insist that this marriage is void and is talking to different church people. I am confused and cannot make a decision.
    I request every one to pray that my wife who is undergoing chemotherapy to miraculously get her ovaries functioning properly, so that we can lead a family life praising christ.
    For her to have a miraculous recovery making her capable of having children
    For me to keep her and forgive everything
    Thanks in advance for all your prayers. I need them badly

  42. jm says:

    dear brothers and sisters,

    pls pray for our family since we are facing legal and financial difficulties. pls pray for my parents most esp for my mom’s safety and protection. pls also pray for those involved with our legal problems to be kind and nice to us esp to my mom and to the others, too. pls also pray that more kindhearted people will be sent to our family who would help us in our problems wholeheartedly. pls also pray for the lifting of suspension of payments to our business and for our business to continue and grow so we can pay off our debts, pay for our needs, give work to more employees and most esp help and serve more people. pls also pray for more blessings financially so we can share more to others and build a school and shelter for abused women and young mothers. pls also pray for protection of our prof lics, for myself and for my mom. pls also pray for the people we give service to to be kind and appreciative of our help. pls also pray for my sister’s acceptance in the state university. pls also pray for my siblings to find good and stable jobs. pls also pray for our family’s safety, protection, success and good health. pls also pray for the recovery of japan, cessation of violence, disastrous calamities and hunger in the world. thank you very much for your prayers. God bless us all.

  43. elaine frankland says:

    Father we pray for all those searching for employment, protect, guide. I ask that it not be long before Michael has something permanent to go to. Be with his wife and family as they go through this difficult time, help them to put their trust in You, that our God reigns.
    For Mark to have wisdom in his present job, protect and guide.amen

  44. Katarina says:

    Please, pray:
    That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
    That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives!
    Thank you for all your prayers
    Praying for you

  45. macwan ketan john says: for me and my family.
    family unity,helth,protection,welth,trust build up jesus,knowledge,relation,good nature,pray for our sin.
    i working continue in institute last 15 years.but my present salary only 6000/-.please prayer for my salary increase.
    every year my whole family at present facing illness.pray for over helth.
    my wife last 7 years not not full familliar in my family with my mummy,pappa,brother,her wife,child jack.not sincere for clean home and responsible fully family.pray for my wife.
    my marriage life not easy pray for my marriage life.
    i am mently weak.i take medice.i am tobacco adict.pray for me.i have no true friend.i fill alone. i am not concentrat in my duties and prayer
    remember in your prayer for me and my family always.
    please pray for us.

  46. Todd Burud says:

    For Maria Welton and her recovery from cancer, for her peace and conciliation and that of her family. Please offer your prayers.

  47. Philomena1 says:

    That my son will reject the worldliness that surrounds him, and return to worthy reception of the sacraments of the Catholic Church. I beg in the name of Jesus! St Jude, pray for us.

  48. Philomena1 says:

    Please pray for me. I am dejected and feeling hopeless. Thank you.

  49. Poor sinful Person says:

    Please pray for me as I plan on going to confession this week. It’s been a longtime since I’ve gone and I’ve been procrastinating and procrastinating.

    Please pray that I can make a GOOD confession and have interior peace afterwards. So many times I’ve relapsed back into my same old sins soon after confessing, that now I don’t even know if my confessions were valid. Please pray that I can have firm purpose of amendment and confess my sins in their entirety.

  50. Jane says:

    Please pray for deep healing of my soul very deeply hurt by my previous sinful life and constantly tortured by devils darkness and lies,let Lord heal my past life with His infinite Love.God bless you!+

  51. Prayer Request
    To be able to live normally with arthuritis and severe allergies.Weather effects breathing feet hands flare up with inflamation.Trying to also find a less stressful job because of this condition.
    Thank You!
    Melissa L.Rodriguez

  52. M says:

    Please pray for my son, S, who will be turning 15 this Saturday, October 1st, the feastday of St. Therese of Lisieux, his dear Patron Saint. On the eve of his birthday, September 30th, he will also be Confirmed by our Bishop, along with all the other Confirmandi in our parish. Please include them in your prayers. But please pray especially for S:

    1) That the sacrament of Confirmation may be a powerful one for him, so that he may deeply experience God’s Great Love for him, be healed of his ANGER, his HURT, his INSECURITIES & his CURSING HABIT, and be transformed to love and serve God all the days of his life.

    2) That God may grant him a happy, healthy and blessed adolescence and adulthood, close to Him, to make up for the painful early childhood he had.

    3) And that God may also grant him a great and happy Confirmation and Birthday celebration, and a new year full of love, healing, joy and wonderful, healthy friendships.

    Thank you! We will keep you in our prayers as well.

    God bless you!

  53. CHURCHILL says:

    I pray in one accord with you that i should clear my debts.I praise God,He is going to Bless me with a new job.In Jesus matchless name.amen.

  54. Greg says:

    Please, oh please, pray for the Rossi family. We are facing homelessness and more!!

  55. churchill says:

    Lord where can i get help? Please Lord help me now to clear debts.Please Lord help me,non can help me.Please Lord bless me with a job.In jesus matchless name .amen

  56. Maria says:

    Please pray that the Lord heal my previous life without Him and in sin with His merciful love and liberate me from long-lasting and very painful prison of constant devils oppressions and compunctions.I really need to experience with my whole heart that I am completely redeemed and loved by Him no matter my sins were. God bless you!+

  57. Kulbhusan Bara says:

    Dear All,
    I am Kulbhusan Bara coming from Ranchi India asking prayer for my son Arpit Savio Bara, 6 years old suffering from breathing problem for last 1 year.
    We had been visiting many doctors since then for better treatment for my son.
    So I kindly ask healing prayer for my only son Arpit so that he receives the holy healing from the BLESSED LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    Brother in Need of prayer,
    Kulbhusan Bara (Father of Arpit)

  58. annon says:

    For a friend in dire need of prayers.

  59. cpa says:

    Please help us form a Power House of Prayers to break the spell cast by TMCB and family to JPAL; Please Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mother, Angels and Saints extinguish the power of the spell TMCB and Family giving to JPAL. Send JPAL back to God and his PA family

  60. Speedy recovery for Dave Yanke.

  61. sravanthi says:

    lord please help me to get the government job as soon as possible with out it my life is not going to be settled.lordplease rebuild my life and settle all that pertainging to me in your name. Amen

  62. Jordan Vira says:

    I would like to pray for all the Deceased Priests, Bishops and Popes in Purgatory. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

  63. ruby says:

    b be holy husband to me and father holy to his children, be holy catholic and say rosary immediately. blessings and good health on m, n, m, f, j, me and b, and get the money asap and r leave house immediately, everything go well as far as court and stuff.b be released immediately to home and have immediate conversion, sincere repentance. God bless

  64. Nancy says:

    Please pray for my husband who has been out of work for almost 6 months. We are praying for a “Miracle Job” for him. Also, we pray for the Knights of Divine Mercy to be brought to our area.

    Thanks for your prayers!
    God bless your ministry!

  65. John says:

    With deep sorrow we wish to inform about the sudden death of our beloved uncle late Mr.GILBERT GONSALVES aged 59 years.he was a real jewel,we ever had.we have no replacing member to compensate the loss.the month’s mind mass will be on 20th February, 2012 at 7.00am,at Our Lady of Mercy Church.we wish to thank all of those who attended the funeral and paid tribute and also for all the consolations.may the good God bless them.please do pray for my uncle’s soul to rest in peace. rememberance during prayers & holy masses is appreciated.

  66. Jane says:

    Please pray for a grace of being able to trust in Gods mercy to me for my previous sinful life. For years after conversion my soul has been going through very painful torture of guilt and deep feelings of unworthiness,although I try to live with Lord.Please pray that Lord deeply heal every moment of my life with His infinite love.God bless you!+

  67. leonardo says:

    For the salvation of the poor Serena,25 yrs,atheist,communist fanatic,pro-abortion.
    Thank you so much !
    God bless !

  68. Marian and Carl says:

    Please pray that our property in Pennsylvania is quickly sold with all of God’s blessings. We ask this intention in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying for us and God Bless all of you.

  69. eyecee says:

    Please pray for ic and lr that God reunites and brings them back together very soon and that God heals their broken relationship. Please pray for the healing of lr’s illness and that ic gets a job. Please pray that ap stops manipulating lr. And please pray that ap will leave manila and go home to her parents very soon before this month ends. Thank you.

  70. Mary Woutat says:

    For a much closer, warmer, more loving relationship with our son and his family.

  71. Donna R says:

    Please pray our family and friends are healthy and receive many graces and blessings. Please pray our son and his wife have a little girl. Thank you for praying for our family. Peace.

  72. marixa says:

    Please pray that my family is restored.that my parents Except my boyfreind in my life for he is the father of my children.My they give us full custody of our Children ASAP.Also that we be marrige soon and are able to purhase our home to have a permant place to raise our kids thank you God Bless

  73. Mary Geil says:

    Please pray for Charley Mack, 70, who is in the burn center in Dallas after a horrible accident with fire and burned 60% of his body. That God grant him healing and comfort from the pain and a spiritual conversion. For Allen, mentally disabled and was in a wreck yesterday, for God’s peace, healing and deliverance from all evil influences.

    Thank you.

  74. Lourdes says:

    Please pray so that Jesus may open doors for me to serve him again and for an injustice situation that happen to me so that the path may be clear. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers and thank you for praying for me.

  75. A says:

    Please guide our path and help us accomplish our goals today and this whole month. Send angels to help us and give us energy and discipline, send our sons in goodness and love to us. We want to honor you with every breath we take.

  76. kitty says:

    Please help me pray for restoration of my relationship with Kiko. Just as how He restored my parents’ relationship, please do the same for me and Kiko. Please ask the Lord for mercy to help bring us back together and to come at the center of our relationship. Thank you for interceding. Amen.

  77. KF says:

    I would like to ask for your prayers for the restoration of my relationship with KD–that God gives us another chance to serve Him together, that He softens KD’s heart and guide him back to me. Thank you so much for prayers offered for my intention.

  78. Mariam says:

    Dear friends in christ,

    Please pray for me & husband to unite in chirst as one soul and mind. I am carrying third child and since one week we are having some misunderstanding and it breaks my heart very much.We are having less communication now and cry these days a lot …I am worried it wll affect my baby in womb.he loves me so much but sometimes withdraw himself.Jesus fill his heart with holy spirit and show your will in all matters which concerns him now.Let him be truly your Lord. I really wanted to live a life together for Christ,pray together , live accordingly to word of God and pray a lot for this little baby and my kids.Jesus fill us with your holyspirit , remove any dark areas of our life and bless us to lead a married life according to your perfect will. Make use of us lord to work for your kingdom, to bring souls to your mercy, to give first priority in our life for you alone Lord.
    love U jesus a lot

  79. Jordan Vira says:

    I would like to request prayer on behalf of all the Poor Suffering Souls in Purgatory. May their souls, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

  80. eyecee says:

    Please pray for LR and IC that they may never breakup and never be separated ever again. Please pray that they may have a loving and faithful relationship. Please pray for their employment and health. Thank you.

  81. Maria says:

    Please pray for a woman after stroke, with ovarian cancer, it is still worse. Please pray for better health and for every needed grace for her and her family. God bless you!+ Maria

  82. Josie says:

    Dear Mother Mary please bless my family, please ask your son, our Lord, to grant us His blessings, keep us away from harm and temptation, and lead us to God’s eternal paradise when it’s time.
    I pray that I succeed in my coming out of retirement, get back to my profession, or be hired for the job I applied for, so that I maybe able to save our home from being foreclosed, and not have to worry too much about my children’s future.
    Thank you, dear Mother of God, for keeping us safe, and for your constant intercession on our behalf. And most of all, we thank God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and all the Angels and the Saints, for being there for us. Amen…

  83. leena. says:

    kindly, pray for my exams. may Jesus mercies flow into my life. may i clear all my papers with his mercies.

  84. Rinku says:

    Please pray that my heart’s desire be granted,
    the return of the love of my life, my one true love. I pray that my osayi may have healed his wounds from the past and forgiven all that has gone wrong.
    Lord, help my osayi be able to follow his heart to his desire and love for me and permanently return to me to be forever reconciled as one.
    Thank you.

  85. Dawn says:

    Dear Lord,
    I have always wanted to get more than 90% marks and here I stand before during the crucial years of my life with the plea to fulfil my dream.. I have always missed by few marks and my mom really feels low when she sees my hardwork not being paid. Dear Jesus, Let me do this semester really well and help me do wonders and make my mom proud. You know Lord what all I have to face in college cos of this.. You are my only hope.. Please keep your loving hand over me.

  86. fani says:

    iam trying to get good job but i am facing s6eny odds. Becase of my poor condhtion iam facing meny problems.god piz help me by gods grace only i given a exam exelently ,recently. Hey lord plz giv me good result and job. Please my lord

  87. lalitha. says:

    Jesus help me in studies along with all the students. may your blessings be upon us. bless us with wisdom and knowledge. may we all pass in all the subjects. be with us during our exams.

    thank you divine mercy Jesus.

  88. lalitha. says:

    kindly, pray for me for my exams. may i pass in all the subjects. may Jesus be with me during my exams.

    thank you Jesus.

  89. Lise says:

    Someone pray for me. Everyone pray for me. My son’s father’s threats, false accusations with the court, bearing of false witnesses, are taking a toll on me. THe court believed him because he could afford a lawyer to write up fancy documents. The court did not help me. He continues to threaten to take my son away from me. It’s been 4 years. I asked the Lord to deliver me. I am weary of waiting

  90. Jim says:

    Blessed Be God Forever in His Divine Mercy! Please pray for me I will gain acceptance into the medical school program this time, so I can be a good Catholic physician who stands for life & teachings of the Church while taking good care of those He sends– in body, mind, & spirit too. (I will need a miracle since I have been a PA for 25 yrs & they are holding my age, etc against me). For other intentions of my heart & everyone else’s. May you all be richly blessed for praying for us!!! In Jesus’ Most Powerful & Holy Name. St Faustina, St Therese, St Giuseppe Moscati, Pope JPII, St Raphael, pray for us !!! Thanks Be to God. Jesus I TRUST in You!

  91. Agnelo says:

    Please intercede for Jesus to grant me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, the grace to intimately experience the love of God, and the grace to persevere to the very end. Also, please intercede for me to be healed of all emotional wounds.

    Also, please pray to Jesus to heal me completely and permanently of chronic stomach disorder and restore me back to health.

  92. Charles says:

    Please pray for me, that through the intercession of all saints, God will bestow His divine mercy upon me in my profession and in my family; May the grant me His grace to be victorious in all my trials and tribulations to the glory of His name, amen.

  93. Charles says:

    Lord Jesus Christ, you know how much I desire your intervention in place of work. It has been easy for this year. There has been cases of conspiration against me. Yes, you have always not allowed me to be disgraced. Lord I humbly request that you continue to protect my job against all the evil plans of man. This job has been my only source of taking care of the family that you have handed down to me. For the sake of my little children, please Lord protect me and protect my job. Grant me your divine security to the glory of your name, amen.

  94. Edna Rope says:

    St Pedro Calungsod I pray for your divine intercession that through the Lord’s grace and for the glory of His name hear my prayers and obtain my petitions. Amen

  95. Jill says:

    Please pray for a woman who is abortion minded after learning that her child has Down syndrome.

  96. eyecee says:

    Please pray for IC and LR and their relationship. Please pray that LR becomes faithful to IC. Please pray for LR to stop cheating on IC. Please pray for LR’s other women to depart. Please pray for the strength of their relationship and that they may rekindle their love. Please pray that they may never be separated again. Thank you.

  97. Jesus of divine Mercy please do help me in financial salary increment put in my boss mind that he may grant my desire and also grant me an lottery which i played today in Jesus name I pray. Thank you JESUS

  98. for our law practice, health, for those sufeering (friends and enemies) for israel and for brooke

  99. Theresa says:

    Please pray for my husband to come back to the faith and to our marriage. Thank you.

  100. Maria says:

    My Petitions
    I Widow asking for urgent prayers for me n my son the diffculties such as problems,
    Worries,, stress, fears, preassure,tension, finances, greaves, job.
    Samera n tony prayers needed for problems they r facing
    Pls keep
    My brothers n Sisters n the whole world in prayers at all times
    Tks n god bless

  101. David says:

    FOR OUR DAUGHTER TO SECURE THE POSITION SHE HAS APPLIED FOR .(2)That she returns to the sacrements.(3)That we will be able to purchase the house next to the church.P.G WE ASK THIS THROUGH CHRIST OUR LORD AMEN READERS WILL YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR INTENTIONS ,MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  102. Maria says:

    Please pray for a young deacon with long-lasting serious doubts in his vocation. Please pray for every grace he needs. God bless you!+

  103. SM says:

    Please pray for me that god bless me abundantly and approves my permanent residency status for which I am waiting since 2009. please pray that god sends his angles to each and every person who is dealing with my documents, Lord touch their heart and lead them to have positive decision for me. Please pray to God that he hears and answers our prayers by granting me permanent residency status for his glory. Amen.

  104. Annie says:

    Please help us pray for the complete healing of Joseph from Esophagus Cancer. Please help us pray that with God’s help, the radiation treatment will work and that he will have the strength to fight this illness. Amen!

  105. mathew says:

    Dear Lord, my wife is not with me now due to some misunderstanding she went to her relative home and make a police compliant against me and she and her family treated me & my family as a dog (All this things are happened due to her mother Plan, she was not happy with me from the time of marriage every time when some problems come she will tell me that I will separate you both I have lot of Influence with police and Judges) I Don’t have any influence with any Political Party or Police or Advocate or judges. I have only my Lord Jesus with me & I Believe in it. Dear Lord I am ready to forgive all this things but I want her to come to me with my Child and say Sorry for what had happened and lead a good life. In this battle my only Child Sara Mathew is affected May heavenly God Give her Strength to bear all this. Dear Lord Please do Miracle in my life and bring back her and my child to me with out any compromise and she should feel sorry for what she did.

  106. Beverly says:

    Lord I come before you humbly asking for your help. Please do help me in my studies, to my kids and my family to spare us from danger always. help me pass the comprehensive exam Lord..Please help me finish my thesis inspite of the short time left. Padre Pio please help me overcome all the trials I’ve meet along the way.. I know God gave me all these to make me a better person and a good servant of God…. I put all my trust in you Lord..Please take care also of the kid that Mam Tetet has in her womb that will not be premature touch it with your Holy hand Lord.. All these I ask in Jesus name and Mama Mary … AMEN….

  107. Marian says:

    Please pray for God’s protection and His blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl, Robert, Florence and Frank. Asking this favor in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for your generous prayers and God Bless all of you.

  108. Xavier says:

    Please pray to Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary to obtain for me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, the grace to intimately experience the love of God, and the grace to persevere to the very end. Also, please intercede for me to be healed of all emotional wounds.

    Also, please pray to Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary to heal me completely and permanently of chronic stomach disorder and restore me back to health.

  109. Mary says:

    Lord, please help us recognize Your presence in our lives. I pray for guidance, acceptance, and mercy for my family. I pray that we learn from the problems that you have blessed us with. Give us strength and faith to be able to withstand all pressures in life. I pray for good health, financial stability, and healthy relationships for the members of my family. I pray for those who are sick that they may be healed. I also pray for the families of the deceased, may they find comfort and peace through You. I thank you, God, because You have never let us down and you have always blessed us with everything that we might need in life.

  110. Charles says:

    Please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of His divine mercy on my career; May the Lord bless me and my family with sustained bread, job security, peace of the mind and of the body, to the glory of His name, amen.

  111. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    1. Through the infinite merits of Christ and His Divine Mercy and through the intercession of Mary and all the Angels and Saints and the Souls in Purgatory, that all of us receive the special gift of the Living Seal of God and a double portion of Mary’s Spirit, especially the unborn, and so that we may all live in the fullness of Love, to follow Christ without counting the cost and love as God Loves, and that Mother Mary, Our Lady Mediatrix of all graces wrap Her Mantle of Purity, Protection and Love around all of us, so that we may be Jesus’ Light in the world, especially to family and friends, and to everyone. Gracious Mother Mary gives us the same grace to carry our cross with confidence, trust, joy, love and gratitude which you carried in complete perfection. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal pray for us.

    2. Praying that it will be God’s Will that Pope Francis will declare the fifth Marian Dogma very soon in his Pontificate, and through God’s grace the Pope will also establish a Year for the Faithful Departed and the Souls in Purgatory.

  112. marie says:

    Please help me to pray to Jesus, Mary & Joseph to Heal, Save & Bless my Family especially my husband Jessie to heal spiritually to comeback to Jesus, and strengthen our family with love and faith.

  113. Maria says:

    Dear community, please pray for every grace I need for deep healing and deliverance of my soul. I am totally exhausted of many years lasting terrible torture of devils oppressions and deep guilt for previous sinful life, almost not able to pray for years. Please pray for a miracle in my soul. God bless you!

  114. antonella and gilberta says:

    Lord Mercy of the Father, grant us the graces we implore physical healing, grant us deliverance from the unjust and bad people who have done wrong and continue to do so, give us the Holy Spirit with His love heals all our being, grant us the full knowledge of Your Face because if you do not love what you do not know well. Thank you Jesus for every small and great gift, thank you because I know that we will donate even more than what we ask for. Thanks Mary, that she intercede for us, thank you because there are infinite ways of God that works for our good.

  115. Agnelo says:

    Please pray for me through St. Faustina’s intercession for Jesus to grant abundant graces for my spiritual journey and in particular that I may grow always more in faith, hope and charity drawing closer to God.

  116. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    Through the intercession of Mother Mary, Our Lady, Exterminatrix of Heresies, we pray for the conversion of all people who believe in falsehood, as well as, all who teach falsehood, especially within the Catholic Church; and we ask that Our Lady of Mercy protect believers so that they will remain with the truth in love and service.

  117. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    That through Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, each Angel and Saint present at every Mass celebrated in the whole world, each and every day, will bring many souls out of purgatory, eternal salvation to many dying souls and miraculous conversions to many obstinate sinners, while also powerfully interceding for all people to become and remain faithful followers in Christ.

  118. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, please intercede and offer prayer for my passing all my classes, that I keep up with all my school work and that I remain prayerful, charitable and peaceful, and that I not miss any of my spiritual obligations and work duties of my religious community. Jesus and Mother Mary please help me not fail any classes, that I will eventually receive my Master of Divinity, and God Willing become a good, devotional and holy Priest with the Marians of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and that I receive and be opened to God’s abundant grace in trusting, understanding, knowledge, efficiency and simplicity, especially with readings, assignments, papers and exams. And Jesus let Mother Mary, my Guardian Angel, St. Michael and St. Gabriel the Archangels, along with St. Padre Pio help me also do well in remembering and understanding all my schooling and especially intercede for all my school work and for infusing knowledge when taking exams and working on papers.

  119. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    For the repose of the souls of Christopher Eric Hitchens, Franz Bydlinski, Vincent Chung, Robert Lee, Francois Latour, Vincent Paniccia, and Brian Beahen.

  120. Joanna Wong says:

    Hi, please pray for me to get out of my financial mess and get my Loan release as soon as possible (now the Loan is pending with the CIMB Bank London at the irresponsible and careless Officer hand that cases the penalty) and get my penalty waive off, I had suffered badly for the past 6 years. Thanks.

  121. Xavier says:

    Please pray for the sanctification of Agnelo, Odilha, Beatrice, Victoria and Celine. Also, for God to grant them the grace to face trials with unwavering faith and courage, and the grace of final perseverance.

  122. Xavier says:

    please pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to heal me completely and permanently of ulcerative colitis (chronic stomach disorder) and restore me back to health.

  123. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    That powerful, abundant and ceaseless blessings and graces be bestowed continually upon the ministry You Shall Believe/Science Tests Faith and all the people directly and indirectly involved. Especially Tim Francis, Colleen Hoffman, Ron Tesoriero, Mike Willesee, Ricardo Castañon and Catalina Rivas. May their work and ministry always fulfill God’s Will, bring them closer to God and help bring about an increase of faith and worldwide conversion to Jesus and produce a 1000 fold of lasting fruit.

  124. Br. Alexander Chung, MIC says:

    Special graces for Judy Wolf, her daughter Camryn, and for all the rest of her immediate and extended family members.

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