Fr. Z Chimes in On Paul Matenaer’s Nice Article On Communion Posture

Many look to Fr. Zuhlsdorf for his tremendous insights and nuts-and-bolts style of teaching, primarily on the Mass. This time he has found this excellent article by our own Paul Matenaer, who looks at the whole question of correct posture for receiving Communion. VERY interesting analysis and, I am so glad to say, “I could not agree more with both of these gents”:

From the website of the newspaper the Catholic Herald of the Diocese of Madison, where H.E. Most Rev. Robert Morlino reigns, comes this piece about the manner of reception of Holy Communion.  I must add, as the writer does not, that this pertains to the Ordinary Form, or Novus Ordo.

It is a good, concise presentation of some of the issues which frequently arise and the writer is, in the main, on target.  I will, however, add my own two pence before beginning to add my emphases and comments.  I think that people who are physically capable of doing so, should always kneel and receive Communion directly on the tongue.  I think the permission for Communion in the hand should be abolished.  In advance of it being abolished, people should be urged, taught, persuaded to receive on the tongue while kneeling.  So there.

Remember that this is in a diocesan newspaper.  Something like this would have been unimaginable, say, 10 years ago.

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