A priest on what really freaks out liberals

From Father Z:

At the blog Southern Orders, Fr. Allan McDonald had a few things to say about liberals and Vatican II and what freaks them out.

Here is a taste with my emphases and comments:


The progressive, liberal element of the Church since Vatican II has been a miserable failure for the Church, fragmented and lacking in common sense. [Do I hear an “Amen!”?] That truth is especially symbolized by the form and type of liturgy they would like to see for the Church and in fact have foisted upon two to three generations of Catholics since Vatican II, an iconoclastic liturgy and architecture to match it, an empty,sterile liturgy that focuses on the horizontal and leaves the vertical, the God aspect, on the periphery.

Infallibility that is creeping and creepy as it concerns Sacrosanctum Concilium is a liturgy that blurs the distinctions between the ordained and the laity, the holy of holies and the nave, that emphasizes what the symbols of the liturgy look like, taste like, smell like and act like while neglecting Jesus Christ and His clear mandates. Progressivism makes a god out of bread and wine eaten and drunk, standing to receive and liturgical actions and signs that are big and expansive. But it fails to connect the believer to God in any real sense of Mystery, awe, wonder and humility in the Divine Presence.

What really freaks progressives out is that traditionalists for the most part, while not entirely of course, accept Vatican II and the Liturgy it has wrought and appreciate Vatican II when interpreted within continuity with what preceded it. It freaks them out that the theology of Pope Benedict and his followers is on the ascendency while the post-Vatican II “spirit of the Council” is clearly descending into its own manufactured anarchy and decomposition. It is not long for this world or the next.


I think Pope Benedict’s view of things will impact the future of the Church in a way that no one ever imagined in the 1970′s, that is those from the 1970′s (like me, but at least I’ve tried to move on) who are still living as though it is still 1970 and can’t believe that God has reversed things on them through the Magisterium of the Church and by popular demand. God is good.

Being stuck in the 1970′s is tiresome and the 1970′s really is over except where it is still practiced by a dying generation.


Fr. Z kudos to Fr. McDonald.

On that note, I remind you of what I wrote here: Who are these ‘c’atholic liberals? Young Catholics don’t know and don’t care.

Moreover, aging-hippie liberals interpret everything within the Church still through the lens they formed during the anti-authoritarian civil-rights and anti-war protest movements.

When we try to uphold hierarchy and authority or rubrics or the older form of Mass or obedience to the Magisterium or decorum in liturgy and sacred music, an involuntary subconscious switch clicks in their heads. They take your faithful Catholic position of continuity to be an attack themselves and on Vatican II.

Vatican II cannot, in their minds, be separated from the protest movements they have idolized until they are actually paradigmatic, iconic, even mythic.

The Council itself – in the received liberal interpretation – cannot ever be questioned or subjected to the authority of the letter of the Council’s texts, because they cannot separate their understanding of the Council from those movements of protest.

The events outside the Church in the USA in those days are completely fused with the event of the Council and certain post-Conciliar reforms.  They interpret everything they do through the lens of this combined and unassailable myth.

A myth that is now itself dying.

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  1. Jeff Doc Davis says:

    No one likes Authority and unfortunately, some of the institutions & people that WERE the authority during the 60s liked to rule with an uncompassionate iron fist.
    As a result ALL authority was looked upon with suspicion.
    But prayer and developing a humble spirit will help to put us on the road to follow TRUTH and BEAUTY (T & B)so that (T & B) will envelope OUR prideful heart.
    Then GOD’s authority is looked upon in a totally different way and we try to live the words of Mother Teresa…’TOTAL SURRENDER’
    Doc Jeff

    • Father Heilman says:

      Amen, Doc!

      “Total Surrender” is the opposite of “self” assertion. Our generation focused on “self,” which runs completely contrary to the image found in Jesus Christ crucified.

      This self surrender means we must be willing to take the risk that Christ took by entering the world as a vulnerable baby on Christmas day.

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