National Policies

Centered in Christ, the Knights of Divine Mercy is an apostolate of Catholic faith formation for men, ages 18 or older. Inspired by Pope John Paul II’s millennial call to develop the art of prayer through communities focused as training grounds in holiness and schools of prayer, the Knights of Divine Mercy seek to assist men in discovering a masculine spirituality as we explore the great spiritual treasures of our Catholic faith. All teaching is in fidelity with the Holy Father and the teaching Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church.

The primary mission of the Knights of Divine Mercy is to counter the widespread secularization of our modern world. We are dedicated to a restoration of a sense of the sacred in worship and in all areas of life. We begin this mission by, first, working diligently on our own personal holiness, while discovering more ways to help our loved ones remain open to the gift of faith. This desire to see all life as sacred brings with it an untiring desire to defend and protect life from conception to natural death. Furthermore, we are devoted to restoring the world’s “power grid of grace” by supporting monasteries throughout the world.

As we pray, “Jesus, I trust in you,” the Knights of Divine Mercy dedicate ourselves as intercessors for those who have lost their faith. We refer to this dedication to trusting intercessory prayer as “covert operations” and “stealth evangelization.” This does NOT replace our call to evangelize by our words, but simply places prayer and trust in God’s supernatural power as the priority for all evangelization. Parish based chapters of KDM must operate with full knowledge and consent of the Pastor of the Parish in which it operates. All KDM chapters must have a validly ordained Catholic Priest in good standing who assumes responsibility as a Chaplain for the safety of those in attendance and the content of the KDM meetings.

Every chapter must have a Board (typically referred to as “The Knights of the Round Table”) consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and other Board (Round Table) Members. Although it is desirable and beneficial, it is not required for the Priest to be present at all planning meetings. Round Table meetings occur with more regularity during the summer months, as plans are made for the regular KDM evenings every month from September to May.

All chapters must follow the prescribed format and ritual of the Knights of Divine Mercy. Any alteration of format and/or ritual must be submitted in writing and approved in writing by the National Headquarters of the Knights of Divine Mercy.

Out of a spirit of humility and servitude, there is to be no distinctive or conspicuous garb for a Knight of Divine Mercy other than the KDM shield lapel pin, or other polo shirts, etc. that may carry this shield logo.  Any alteration of pin or logo is prohibited without written permission from the National Headquarters.  This distinctive shield is worn by those who have expressed a personal commitment to the ideals of the Knights of Divine Mercy, as well as devotion to keepening their process of faith formation.

Any chapter that fails to comply with these policies may have its charter revoked and forfeit all rights to use the name of the Knights of Divine Mercy. Questions or issues not covered by these policies should be brought to the attention of the National Headquarters of the Knights of Divine Mercy.

These policies may be amended and revised at the discretion of the National Headquarters of the Knights of Divine Mercy and upon approval of the Board of Directors of the Knights of Divine Mercy in accordance with any governing Ecclesiastical mandates.